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It is very important for a beginner to know firsthand the information on how would they be able to start their own blog. Nevertheless, let me introduce you first to what really is a blog. A blog is basically just a blogger's daily journal or diary, in blogs, they can freely express their thoughts, opinions, feelings as well as their thoughts, bloggers even have the freedom to posts their products on their blogs. There are some few rules that need to be followed except from keeping your blogs clean. In this reason, whatever shape, size, or design your blog may have, you are free to decide because it is your blog and you are the owner of it. Read more about blogging just click the link,


Blogs are basically composed of:


The title: This is used to label or name your postings.


The categories: You have the option to add a category on your blog so that you can put blogs with the same topics altogether.


Body: Where you can find the main thought or content of a blog.


The trackback: This will allow other site to link or go back to your blogs.


The permalink: This will be the URL that will come with each of the blog that you write.


The comments: This will make your readers to post their comments about your blog, either good or bad.


Blogging can be just way more than being you as the owner, because in blogging you actually have the chance to join other blogger -made topic such as movies, sports, music, even anything that you can think of. In blogging, bloggers can share to other people what they are good at, other blogs even function as forum these days. You also have the option to use your blog to sell or advertise your products which will eventually create traffic on your website. To learn more about how to start a blog, follow the link.


I could go out all day doing what I can do but there will be times that I can't do with a blog, the best thing to do is to start and know what you are actually capable of doing. The best thing would be for you to start looking for the best blog provider you think for you and then sign up for your own blog. Most of the newly registered blogger thinks that blogging would be a lot easier if you will start it with a provider's site, then as days goes by, then start to install blog software on the website that they own.